FMO Architecture
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House 23



The House 23 is an ideal beach house only 20m away from the ocean: ideal for weekend getaways, retreats from the city, or surf and beach holidays.
Built in a 3m wide and 5m deep plot, it is an extremely tiny yet functional house. Often used as social meeting point for neighbors in Nazaré, the kitchen is directly connected with the pedestrian street. The living room uses the maximum area possible in the first floor and makes the transition to the bedroom, in the second floor, where a toilet and shower also fit in.
The whole interior has been conceived and designed with resistant and simples materials, and clean solutions. In the relation with the public space the memory of the old building was taken in consideration. The reconstruction of this building is intended to contribute in a single, but qualitative way, for the revitalization of the historic and very traditional area to which it belongs.